Candle Care

How to get the best from your candles - our tips and tricks

Does size really matter?

When it comes to choosing your candles it really does. If you have a small room and choose a candle that is too big you may find that the fragrance becomes overpowering. In the same way if you choose to burn a small votive candle in a massive room you will definitely be disappointed.

The fragrance throw comes from the size of the wax pool so make sure you pick the right candle for the size of your room.

Heart and Home Sweet Pea candle collection
How to stop your candles from blooming

Banish the Bloom

Why is it the candle wick sometimes looks like a mushroom? If your candle wick looks like this then it's been burning for too long. To solve the problem just blow the candle out, carefully trim the wick to about 5mm and then re-light the candle.

This problem usually occurs when a candle has been burning for three hours or more depending on candle size.

Banish the bloom for a longer lasting candle and a cleaner burn.

Letting Go

We know how hard it can be saying goodbye to your favourite fragrance but if you are burning a container candle we would always recommend that you stop burning your candle when there is 2-3cm of wax left.

By doing this the bottom of the jar/tin will not become so hot that it may cause heat damage. Besides it gives you an excuse to try something new instead.

When to blow your candle out
How to prevent candles from tunnelling


Some candles such are designed so that when they burn the wax melts through the middle leaving the outside wax to gently melt in from the edges.

Container candles are designed to burn so that the molten wax creates a pool which will reach the outside of the container. Always let your container candles burn until the melted wax pool reaches the sides of the container and this way the candle will burn down evenly.

The best bit about doing this is that you will not waste any of the wax and you will get the maximum burn time from your candle.