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Black Friday Survival Guide

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Black Friday Survival Guide


Everyone is asking where has the year gone? Is it November already? Christmas is just around the corner. Although it happens at the same time every year it always seems to shock everyone including us at Beautifully Gifted even though we were ordering Christmas stock back in February!

Another big event in retail that has travelled across the pond and onto British shores is Black Friday. Previously only a one day event after Thanksgiving it is now a whole weekend bonanza including Cyber Monday, with billions being spent in just a few days. So how exactly to you get the hottest bargains and survive the craziness that is Black Friday? Well, read on for our top tips:

1.       DO YOUR RESEARCH: Many retailers start advertising their black Friday sales the week before, even though they may not specify bargains this will allow you to get a general idea. Now is a good time to sign up to newsletters as you can get the information straight to your inbox and some even give their mailing list special previews.laptop-2558666_640

2.       PLAN OF ACTION: This may sound a bit mad but if you are serious about your shopping and getting those bargains or cheap Christmas presents then you need to plan in advance what you are going to do. It is very easy to get swayed by big flashing signs promising all sorts of bargains and miss out on what you actually wanted. Make a wish list of things you want, you may not necessarily buy it all, but you will remember to check if they are discounted. Narrow down the list of stores you want to check out and then check their opening times etc. With all of this in mind you will be a Black Friday Master in no time.

3.       ONLINE Vs INSTORE: Everyone has their preference when shopping and sometimes the shops can be absolute madness as people start fighting over the last item on the shelf (well maybe not in the UK) but this one is up to you. If shopping online you can do it from the comfort of your own sofa,  however instore you do get the odd amazing bargain that won't be found online.

4.       DON'T OVERBUY: This one is simple. Do not buy rubbish you do not need or will never use as you will eventually just throw it away - think of the environment and your hard earnt cash!

5.       HAVE FUN: This event is not to be taken seriously, shops having amazing deals on all year round and there is no point in getting your knickers in a twist over some bargains. Take it as an opportunity to treat yourself and those around you.


Who knows, we here at Beautifully Gifted may have some treats in store for you!

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