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5 Safe Gifts for the Special Man in your Life

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5 Safe Gifts for the Man in your Life 

We know what it is like, that birthday has sprung up on you suddenly and you do not know what to get him or you are organised and go to get a present extra early but hit a brick wall on what to get. Here at Beautifully Gifted we know what we are talking about, and will not judge you - we too struggle to buy for the men in our family! That is why we have compiled a list of 5 safe and fool-proof gifts to get any man in your life. Hopefully some of the ideas will give you a starting point.


1. THE TRUSTY WALLET: You have been out with him and notice that the wallet he carries is tatty and falling apart or worse he has not got one! Bingo! Perfect for you, a gift idea straight in the bag, literally! Wallets are perfect go to gifts for guys, often they do not think about such a simple, but necessary accessory. They are great because they can suit any budget too! Be it splash the cash on an expensive leather masterpiece or less on a sturdy, reliable contraption. Whatever you go for they will love it!

*TIP: to add something a little special, slip in a photo of family members or a beloved pet to show you have put some thought into it *

2.  CUFFLINKS: Perfect for any businessman or just general suit wearer. Obviously check first that the shirts they wear require cufflinks or it could become a bit awkward! Spruce up their suit with quirky designs or go for simple and suave, and just like the wallet these can come in a range of prices from high street favourites to expensive designer. Simple and thoughtful.

3. A MUG: Every man drinks right? Every man has humour? (most of the time). Then combine the two with a novelty mug for the home or office. Sure to brighten their day and have a practical side too!

4. CHOCOLATE: Again everyone eats right? Every man loves chocolate? Okay not every man, but then why are you friends with someone who does not like chocolate? We do not need that kind of negativity in our lives (these people need re-training)…. Chocolate is the ultimate safe gift from a big hamper of it to a little stocking filler it’s a firm favourite. Nowadays you can get all kinds of quirky designs and flavours or just pick a last-minute box up at the local shop!

5. A HOBBY ORIENTATED GIFT: If you are buying this person a present then you will probably know their hobbies or something about them? If not find out! Hobby-orientated gifts are great go too presents, be it gardening or skydiving!


Whatever you decide to get that man in your life, they will love it. Why? Like we have said before it is the fact that you got the gift, and you put the thought in, and remember the thought usuallymeans more than the gift itself.

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