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Feature: International Women's Day

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As the saying goes "Behind every great man is an even greater woman". While this is all 28829726_1948966948530320_76016351_nwell and true, we like to see women as individuals in their own right who are more than capable of achieving great things with or without a man.

If you want to see amazing women then you need to look no further than your own mothers - they are all pretty special people. However, we also have a very interesting set up within the Barns at White House Farm. Every single one of the units which you know and love is run by strong women who built their business from the ground up through sheer detirmination and really hard work. Running a business is no small feat and all these amazing woman make it look easy. We are so proud to call them our neighbours and our friends.

International Woman's Day is not about giving special treatment and recognition to women, it is actually somewhat the opposite. Woman are still not always treated as equals, many being under paid, unrecognised and quite often treated as property. Here in the UK we are   more fort28822530_1948966991863649_915462594_ounate than many, but there are still issues to be resolved   including pay gaps and so called 'up-skirting', and this is why   supporting women in business is so important. Beautifully Gifted   support so many female designers including Sophie Allport,   Caroline Gardner and Lisa Buckridge to name a few, and it is   something we are trulp passionate about.

 So we want to ask you to take a minute to recognise all the   amazing women in your life because if they disappeared   tomorrow, it would be a very different world.


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