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New Year New You

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New Year, New You and all that…

New Year

As we write this we are feeling a little bit sorry for ourselves, a bit like some of you guys we imagine, after one too many glasses of wine to celebrate the New Year. fizz-3035224_640The good news is we could not feel more positive about the year to come. Why? How? You may ask. Well…so much happened in the year of 2017 both good and bad but one message we have learnt from it is that it is possible to be happy by just thinking happy. It's that simple. So that’s why even with headaches like jack hammers we have a positive outlook on this year.

Now we know this time of year is all about new resolutions that people vow to stick to but never really do, (the Guardian reckons that 63 percent of people they spoke to had broken New Years Resolutions). That’s why this year Beautifully Gifted wants to help our customers be in the 37 percent who stay on track. It’s a lot easier to stick to something if there is a plan in place rather than just words, so we want to help you be the Queen or King of gift giving this year, all year! We have created some easy steps below to hopefully help start you on the right track.


The main way to be a super savvy gift giver is to start with a plan. Urgh! we hear you say. DeskWe know, we know, planning isn't the most exciting thing to do but it does actually help you to be organised and not overspend. Grab a calendar, diary, or a simple notebook and write down everyone's birthday, any anniversaries, mother's/father's day and other holidays like Easter. Then pop in events like Christening's, weddings, and definitely don't forget Christmas. With Christmas (we know we have only just got through the last one), split this down further into who you actually have to buy for, including any secret Santa's etc.


Now for another of everyone's least favourite words - the budget. As boring as this is, we know that done right, it can help with those dreaded overspends (a big plus). Budgeting can also encourage saving thereby reducing the stress of not having enough money when it comes to the actual event. It is often worth setting up a separate bank account for these savings or if that's too much like hard work take the extra money each month and put it in a jar, whatever is easiest. Set a total amount for gift purchases for the year based on how much is affordable to spend and then split this down for each person/event. 


The Golden Rule - Stick to this budget! When you know how much you can spend you can then do lots of research plenty of time in advance. Who knows, you may be able to pick up some bargains by planning ahead and then you can have a treat too with the savings. This is the fun part where you actually get to go shopping and buy stuff which we know everyone loves. Or if you're feeling extra creative why not make some gifts!

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Remember to factor in gift wrap and cards. The best time to get Christmas wrap is in the January sales! With a bit of preparation and planning you are sure to be the ultimate gift giver! We would love you to share your gift giving ideas with us on social media using the hashtag #beautifullygifted

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