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Hey June

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Hey June

'Someday soon I'll travel to find me…'

As I mentioned last month, this blog post was going to be a special holiday issue and for good reason. Many of you may know that I am an avid traveller myself and run my own travel blog as well as this one - Lucy's Big Adventure. This year, I have been to California and around Europe, hence the sometimes patchy updates on social media - WIFI is sparse at the top of the Swiss Alps! Well, my next trip is just around the corner and I thought just maybe I    should allow my family to come with me this time.cuba-1395782_640 So at the end of this month, we are jetting off to Cuba! Home to sun, sand, sea and rum! The team have been working so hard the past few months that we thought we deserved a break in the Caribbean.

Unfortunately, not all the team is jetting off, poor father dearest is staying behind to hold the fort at the shop while the girls enjoy cocktails on the beach so be sure to pop in to keep him company and make sure he's doing some work!

On the subject of fathers there is another event happening this month that you may have heard of…a little thing called Father's Day. Now for those of you who may have forgotten about this day, it is on the 18th June and is a day to celebrate all the Fathers out there.fathers-day-822550_640 We should be celebrating them every day but this is the day to recognise how great a man they are, be they biological or not, whether they are around every day or every month, or no longer with us. It's a day to thank them for all they have taught us, all the tears they have wiped away, all the games and events they have taken us to, all the late night pick-ups and taxi rides, all the bed time stories, the patience and belief in the person you are going to become. All the times you have been embarrassed to hold their hand or to be seen with them yet they are still there when you need them most. Treasure your dad because not everyone has one and one day they won't be there to wipe those tears or hold your hand. They will wait when you say 'I don't need you dad' even though it breaks their heart, so let them be a part of every moment of your life because there will never be enough time on this earth with them.

On a cheerier note why not treat them this Father's Day, with one of our Shruti Washbags to tell them just how much of a 'Grumpy Old Man' or how 'Staggeringly Handsome' they are. The range features different pooches and other animals with hilarious captions to suit all dads, plus make them giggle - gone are the days of the boring black, 'masculine' washbag. With the summer holidays coming up this is the perfect gift for those summer getaways as its big enough to fit all the toiletries in from sun cream to shaving cream - yes sometimes I think my dad has more pamper products than my mum! And if you're feeling super generous or dad is superman then why not fill the washbag with a selection from the Delray Beach Skincare Collection available in Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera. Plus here at Beautifully Gifted we have cards, gift wrap and gift bags so it really is your one stop shop for Father's Day as we know its last minute!

So pop into the shop this week and we can help you find that perfect Father's Day gift.

We have new products from designer Sophie Allport (including the much asked for dog beds) and Potters Crouch Candles. Keep an eye on social media for new competitions and updates of our Cuba trip! See you next month, tanned and relaxed ready for our summer feature!


I would like to dedicate this post to my Dad who has never stopped believing in me and has always been my biggest fan, and also my Grandad who passed away in April and is missed by us all every day. Love you, always.

Lucy @ Beautifully Gifted

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