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A Celebration of Mothers

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Here at Beautifully Gifted we are clinging on to the fact that technically Spring should be arriving this month as we don’t like the cold. At all. We are ready to say goodbye to the chilly weather and storms (Doris we are talking about you) and to say hello to longer days, warm evenings and sunshine. Thinking cocktails on the beach anyone? We may not have our beach bodies ready quite yet but hey, who cares if we ate one too many chocolates over winter - it's just an extra layer to keep us warm ok!

Anyway spring doesn’t just mean warmer weather…it means the Spring collection here at Beautifully Gifted! We're talking brighter colours, bolder prints, more bags, jewellery, candles, cards and scarves and no guys, we haven't forgotten you!  So keep checking the website and social media to be the first to see the new stock as it all arrives! Plus it will be hitting the shop too so pop in and pick up that perfect gift.

Now in case you have all forgotten, the 26th March is Mother's Day, a day to show your mum just how much you love her. I mean you should be telling her this all year round, I do and the response I get is an equally loving "why haven't you done your chores?!"..I'm only kidding my mother would never say tha. Some of you may have met her at the shop and sis more likely to tells you she loves me very much (she has no choice really she can't get rid of me ;). This blog would be non-existent without me so…). Love you mother dearest!

This special day is for every mother out there, it's for the biological mothers, the adoptive mothers, the mothers of every race, it's for those who have been like mothers even though they may not technically be family. It's for the grandmothers and great grandmothers. You are all amazing. Where would be without you?  You work tirelessly for us every day without fail and never say you're tired, or complain when we need help with our homework, or want to go to something. Sorry fathers but when we need to find something etc. it's always where is mum? You are the everyday superwoman, a human hero and you deserve the world. Unfortunately, some of us haven't got that amount of money in our back pocket but we want to show you just how much we think of you just the same. That’s why here at Beautifully Gifted we work to bring you a wide range of products to choose from no matter what your mum likes.

Which leads us on to our product for this month…everyone's favourite Brakeburn Sausage Dog Cross Body Bag. Online and in the shop this bag has been popular with customers adoring this cute little chap who appears on both the inside and outside.



Designed in the UK by Brakeburn, a brand inspired by the outdoors and countryside, this bag is perfect for everyday use or long walks with your own four-legged friend (or even if you just love dogs!). Measuring 25cm by 25cm this is the ideal size to carry essentials, coming in a sky blue with contrasting sausage dogs this will go with any look plus being wipe clean do not worry if you get bombarded by a mountain of fluff! Mums will love this bag - believe us, we have seen enough come through the door and say "aww this is lovely" whilst stroking said bag (we don’t judge) and if you're feeling overly generous or your mum has been extra awesome (which she most likely has) then why not keep the theme up and also treat her to a sausage dog cushion and card which are equally adorable. But we would say that wouldn’t we?!

Anyway whatever you decide to get your mum this mother's day, we are sure she'll love it, unless it’s an iron or something then get ready to find somewhere else to live…and don’t forget we are always here at Beautifully Gifted to help out with any gift idea so reach out to us on social media or as always pop into the shop.

We hope you have a fabulous Mother's Day and rest of March. Don’t forget to check back next month for more gift ideas and our feature all about Easter! Hint: Bunnies and chocolate Pizza….

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