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  1. Another year over…and it's been a good one…Hang's not Christmas anymore….Well it always feels like it for us as we have just ordered the stock for Christmas 2018!!!

    Anyway what we are trying to say is that this weekend is our one year anniversary of opening the shop! We can't believe the shop is 1 years old! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! (Make sure you keep your eyes peeled on social media for goodies).


    We thought we would take this time to reflect on the year gone by and look ahead to what's to come, as so much has happened even the team has struggled to keep up with everything!

    The past year has been a roller-coaster but we would not have chosen a different path. A small and odd family has formed in The Barns Courtyard, one that we will stand strong with for years to come, and to be honest we are all a bit mad - us crazy people have to stick together!! This time last year we were still building walls a few days before opening and stressing about whether we would have enough stock to fill the shop…never in our wildest dreams did we think we would not have enough room for everything in our barn and have such a large, loyal group of returning customers - we love every single one of you!

    We have brought in new ranges such as East of India, Jellycat, Waltons (our customers are loving all of our throws), BellyButtonBubble and the list goes on! We started regularly blogging at last! Gemma joined us as our first employee outside of the family to deal with the demand of opening hours as the rest of us still have jobs outside the business. There have been Farmers Markets, Plant Fairs, Shopping Evenings and let's not forget the Christmas Market! We have never seen so many people fit into the shop! There have be quiet days, dodgy internet connections, blocked toilets, power cuts and toppling Christmas trees but that’s all part of being on a rural farm in Norfolk.

    Beautifully Gifted have celebrated life events with you too, not just supplying you with the presents and cards, but shared your experience of new babies, new houses, birthdays, anniversaries, thank yous and condolences. Our customers are our greatest asset, without you we would not be living our dream!

    So here is to another year, boy do we have a lot happening for you, including lots of new stock and other surprises! But first we would like to give you a sneak peak of Beautifully Gifted's rebrand - as we are turning one we thought we better grow up a bit!


  2. We think Valentine's Day is a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it. It often depends if you have that special someone to share it with. Be it your first Valentine's together or your 30th it never gets old and it is day to remind you just how much you love each other. It is also one of the biggest days of the year for gift businesses (outside of Christmas), with on average 180 million Valentine's Day cards exchanged and most lovers buying their other half chocolates and flowers. valentines-day-3135789_1280Just to show how important this day is to some, 53% of women surveyed (statistics from Statistic Brain) said they would end their relationship if they didn't get something for Valentine's so it is best not forget the date which is the same every year and burnt on some people's brains - 14th February.

    Here at Beautifully Gifted we know how busy lives can get and so it is not always easy to remember every holiday that comes around to be celebrated, but we are here to make this day even easier for men (and women) if you should be looking to rescue the day…and the relationship.

    We know what it can be the day before, or even worse the ACTUAL day and you haven't got anything, not a card, not a single rose. You could pop into the local supermarket and pick up a cheesy card and box of chocs but what women want really is something thoughtful - to show you have not forgotten you love them.

    Not to worry, we have got it covered by sending this little reminder out now to give you the heads up, along with all the other adverts out there. Even though we can't speak for the men out there on Valentine's Day, we can speak for the women and to be honest to you guys, believe it or not, we woman are not actually that difficult to buy for. Valentine 1You just have to make it look like you put that effort in, went the extra mile, took a second thought for us. For example, getting a bunch of flowers from your local florist instead of the supermarket. Or if you are going to get us some sort of nice bath stuff maybe run a bath using said products and light some candles or put some rose petals in the water. Trust us, your lady will appreciate the thought rather than the cost of the gift. It can be something as simple as a card with a heartfelt message, or maybe that new handbag she has been wanting for ages. You know your other half more than anyone else, staff in gift shops like us can help as much as we can but we do not know that person as well as you do. So, whatever you buy your loved one, buy it with thought and meaning and you can't go wrong. Except socks. Never buy them socks. (Unless they specifically asked for them of course).

    At Beautifully Gifted we have everything you need to save Valentine's Day, from that perfect card that expresses how you feel, to special gifts for men and women. For all your valentine's day gifts for him and her be sure to have a look around the website or in store. If you are unsure our helpful staff are always on hand to help you find that perfect something.

    Valentine 5