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  1. 5 Safe Gifts for the Woman in your Life

    So we all know that a woman can be the easiest or the hardest person to buy for. Most days at Beautifully Gifted we have a number of husbands, brothers and fathers pay us a visit to find that something special. Sometimes they know exactly what they're looking for, sometimes they have been sent in by the woman in question who have told them exactly what they want (normally because they have seen it), and sometimes they have no idea whatsoever. Below are five safe gifts that we hope will keep all those confused men out there in her good books:

    1.       BAGS: A women can never have too many bags or so the saying goes and we know its true. A bag can bring an outfit together, it is every woman's trusty companion, and they carry their entire lives around in it, so it cannot just be any old bag. This can be a tricky one to get right, but if you know your woman, and choose well she will love it. Think about what she wears and the bags she has normally. Is she colourful? Likes simple? Big bag or small bag? What does she do day in day out that the bag has to cope with. If in doubt take her to the shop and see what she picks up (it's okay, you can thank us later).

    Wildflower day bag 1912 copyDitsy front pocket handbag 1934 copy


    2.       NOTEBOOKS: Lives are getting more and more hectic and sometimes a good old fashioned notebook is more effective than any technology. Notebooks do not have to be plain and boring. There is a whole library out there of different styles and designs from simple ruled paper to full life planners. This is something that she will use and not just be put it a drawers - lets face it , how many women don't’t like making lists?



    3.       SMELLY STUFF: Not that kind of smelly stuff, but nice smelling stuff. This could be taken the wrong way, so be careful. Hand cream, body wash and body lotion are the safe bets here just check she is not allergic to anything, and what smells she does not like!

    4.       FLOWERS: Not everyone wants little ornaments cluttering up their homes so the best thing is to give them something beautiful that shows how much you appreciate. No negative impact on the environment and support your local florists too! (#buylocal) Or why not choose some beautiful silk flowers? They are a great addition, require little maintenance (just a quick blast with a hairdryer) and give you beauty every day, even in the winter! Check out the shop soon and we may have you covered on this!



    5.       HOBBY-ORIENTATED GIFT: Everyone has a hobby, even those that say they work too much to do anything else. They have something they do in their free time or at least wish they could do! Whether it be gardening, tinkering or music, a hobby-orientated gift will always be loved.

    Whatever you get the woman in your life, we are sure she will love because you took the time to find her something special. Still struggling? Pop into the shop or send us a message and we will do our best to help and point you in the right direction.

  2. 5 Safe Gifts for the Man in your Life 

    We know what it is like, that birthday has sprung up on you suddenly and you do not know what to get him or you are organised and go to get a present extra early but hit a brick wall on what to get. Here at Beautifully Gifted we know what we are talking about, and will not judge you - we too struggle to buy for the men in our family! That is why we have compiled a list of 5 safe and fool-proof gifts to get any man in your life. Hopefully some of the ideas will give you a starting point.


    1. THE TRUSTY WALLET: You have been out with him and notice that the wallet he carries is tatty and falling apart or worse he has not got one! Bingo! Perfect for you, a gift idea straight in the bag, literally! Wallets are perfect go to gifts for guys, often they do not think about such a simple, but necessary accessory. They are great because they can suit any budget too! Be it splash the cash on an expensive leather masterpiece or less on a sturdy, reliable contraption. Whatever you go for they will love it!

    *TIP: to add something a little special, slip in a photo of family members or a beloved pet to show you have put some thought into it *

    2.  CUFFLINKS: Perfect for any businessman or just general suit wearer. Obviously check first that the shirts they wear require cufflinks or it could become a bit awkward! Spruce up their suit with quirky designs or go for simple and suave, and just like the wallet these can come in a range of prices from high street favourites to expensive designer. Simple and thoughtful.

    3. A MUG: Every man drinks right? Every man has humour? (most of the time). Then combine the two with a novelty mug for the home or office. Sure to brighten their day and have a practical side too!

    4. CHOCOLATE: Again everyone eats right? Every man loves chocolate? Okay not every man, but then why are you friends with someone who does not like chocolate? We do not need that kind of negativity in our lives (these people need re-training)…. Chocolate is the ultimate safe gift from a big hamper of it to a little stocking filler it’s a firm favourite. Nowadays you can get all kinds of quirky designs and flavours or just pick a last-minute box up at the local shop!

    5. A HOBBY ORIENTATED GIFT: If you are buying this person a present then you will probably know their hobbies or something about them? If not find out! Hobby-orientated gifts are great go too presents, be it gardening or skydiving!


    Whatever you decide to get that man in your life, they will love it. Why? Like we have said before it is the fact that you got the gift, and you put the thought in, and remember the thought usuallymeans more than the gift itself.